The Top 10 Nail Colors To Try This Spring

The Top 10 Nail Colors To Try This Spring

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Now that the holidays are over we are ready for the clouds to burn off and the flowers to start coming out. Here are the top 10 colors you’ll be painting your nails when the sun emerges and spring begins.

NUMBER ONE. Soft yellow. Everyone knows pastels are the best colors to wear to brighten your mood and welcome the warm colors of pring feathers.
NUMBER TWO. Baby blue. A soft blue hue will help you emerge from the dark winter colors in a subtle way.
NUMBER THREE. Magenta. Hot pink is the perfect raspberry shade to make a bold color statement at the start of a new season.
NUMBER FOUR. Beige. This quiet tone that compliments every outfit will become your classic go-to.
NUMBER FIVE. Neon anything. These colors are outgoing and fun. They will add a little color burst to any outfit.
NUMBER SIX. White. It is such a classic color. It goes with any outfit and creates a crisp clean look. Use a gel-like topcoat to give it a glossy finish.
NUMBER SEVEN. Lavender. The perfect combination of pink and blue. It looks elegant in a soft hue and bold in a bright hue.
NUMBER EIGHT. Grey. This is the perfect neutral color for those people who are not quite ready for the bright colors that accompany the flower-filled season of spring.
NUMBER NINE. Green. A classic accompaniment to the bright newborn grass in everyone’s yard that is sprouting the gorgeous vibrant colored flowers of spring.
NUMBER TEN. Pink. The classic girly-girl color that adds a bit of sparkle to any outfit and turns a quiet outfit into a bold statement.
By Ani Clifford
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