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10 Fun Facts About Silk That You Need To Know

  1. Silk comes from the cocoons of mulberry silk worms.
  2. It originates in Ancient China. The first known example of silk dates back to 3630 BC.
  3. Silk can protect you from pesky mosquitoes! Silk is difficult for insects to penetrate through, which leaves you bite-free during those summer months.
  4. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is said to cause a delay in a person getting wrinkles because of the essential amino acids in silk bedding.
  5. Silk is hypoallergenic! This natural protein fiber will not irritate those with sensitive skin. 
  6. A highly versatile fabric, silk has proven to be ideal for a variety of uses – from formal wear to sleepwear, from parachutes to rugs, from medical sutures to prosthetic arteries.
  7. Silk has a miniscule percentage of the global textile fiber market – less than 0.2%. Yet the actual trading value of silk and silk products is in many billions of dollars since the unit price for raw silk is roughly twenty times that of raw cotton
  8. The US is the largest silk importer in the world.
  9. A silk rope is stronger than an equally thick metal wire. 
  10. A.M. Club silk is cruelty-free and produced in a safe environment. We are passionate about ethical fashion and only strive to be responsible and sustainable.

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