Our mission at A.M. is to showcase the talents of creatives and package that as an exclusive and timeless product that leverages collaboration to create unique and high-quality items that give back to the artistic and general community while simultaneously creating a community.

A.M. produces exclusive, high-quality silk pieces with a unique story and purpose behind each one.  

We support creatives

  • Each season we collaborate with artists we find influential and unique to produce pieces that exposes the world to their platform.

We share unique stories

  •  We are inspired not only by the creators of the world but also various places, experiences, and culture as well as art, architecture, fashion and music. Each piece we craft has and will always have a passionate story behind it.

We give back

  •  A.M. donates a percentage of all profits to specific organizations because we are passionate about giving back to make this world a better place. Our founder, Amy Marietta, is a brand ambassador for the Council For Fashion & Social Change - a non-profit organization that is focused on creating social impact through fashion and design activities. 

We do good

  • A.M. is committed to operating a responsible, sustainable, honest and modern business - cruelty free.

We bring you the highest quality

  • We promise to constantly add new products and collaborations and deliver the highest quality product in the market - something that can be passed down for generations to come.

A.M. was founded by tastemaker and producer Amy Marietta. She launched A.M. as a way to bring her love of creative collaborations, art, and culture to the world through high quality silk designs while also giving back to the community. After working in the industry for many years, traveling the globe and meeting thousands of unique individuals, Amy was inspired to showcase this in a way that was unique while also supporting creatives.


“I want to remind all of you to be ambitious, confident, kind, strong... and most importantly unique. Anything is possible. You control your destiny. Cheers to the dreamers."

Welcome to the club.



Contact: am@amclub.co

Instagram: @a.m.club

Facebook: AM CLUB



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