Post Malone ‘Congratulations’ Music Video Feat. A.M. Club 

Post Malone ‘Congratulations’ Music Video Feat. A.M. Club 

Music Producer 1st Wears A.M. CLUB Bandana In 'Congratulations' Music Video

Being in the studio when Posty, Quavo of Migos, Metro Boomin, Louis, Dre, 1st and the squad were recording this was unforgettable. I love watching creative geniuses do what they do best. Create. They make it appear seamless – true masters of their craft. This video by James is awesome - the mix of the studio sessions and the slow motion confetti and champagne clips is epic. V proud.


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If you're into music then you have to know that 1st is one of the most talented guys who's done a lot behind the scenes. Not only did he find and help Post Malone start his music career, but he's also written and produced songs for artists including Iggy Azalea, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Tyga, Young Thug and Diplo. He's legit a creative genius.

He's also really fucking good at video games and never let me win while on tour. One day. ONE DAY. I want a redo. 

I got a call from 1st a couple days ago asking for some more of our A.M. bandanas for their (Post Malone's) next tour in Europe so I met up with him at the same studio we met last year in North Hollywood where he was working on some new, dope beats.

He likes this specific bandana - the cotton linen blend - because when he DJs, he sweats and "these bandanas are perfect for that."  :)

You can shop it here.

 Major love to 1st for rocking the A.M. bandana non-stop on tour and in this video – you’re the best and happy you love ‘em <3 Stay tuned for some custom bandanas coming out soon...

Welcome to the club, fam.


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