5 Documentaries You Need To Watch On Netflix This Month To Stay Woke

5 Documentaries You Need To Watch On Netflix This Month To Stay Woke


Netflix and Chill? Or how about a documentary binge? We’ve compiled a list of 5 documentaries on Netflix that you NEED to watch! Whether you are interested in fashion icons or are concerned about the environment, this list has you covered.


What The Health (2017)

This shocking documentary reveals the connection between what you eat and the consequences of poor diet. It also reveals the billions of dollars that the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industry invest in the government in order to keep this information on the down low.


The True Cost (2015)

Showing the “true cost” of fast fashion, this documentary aims to shine light on the dark side of the industry. Showing the negative side effects of fast fashion through low-wage garment workers and the environmental pollution, the film ultimately is a criticism on global capitalism.


Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

The man behind New York Times’ “On the Street”. This documentary is about Bill Cunningham and his thousands of photos he has taken for his street style based columns. 


Iris (2017)

This documentary gives a glimpse into the life of Iris Apfel, an iconic designer best known for her unique jewelry. Having worked in the White House for nine presidents, Iris is skilled and definitely experienced in the industry. Despite it all, this documentary gives you a true glance at her spunky personality.


Chasing Ice (2012)

This documentary follows James Balog, an environmental photographer who was pressed with the duty to capture the changing Artic. Chasing Ice not only shows you the struggles Balog goes through in order to capture these changes, but it opens your eyes to climate change and how it is affecting our world now.

 Written by our amazing one of our amazing interns - Kimberly Yap 

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