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5 Music Sites to Get Hooked On

 If you love music, want to further your appreciation for music, or want to expand your list of favorite artists, then we got you. Each of these music blogs can definitely help you find what you’ve been missing.

 Switched On Pop

            A podcast that analyzes the top songs in popular music from past and present. Fordham University professor and musicologist, Nate Sloan, and song writer Charlie Harding uncover the certain qualities that makes these songs resonate with the public. In under an hour, by breaking down the lyrics, instrumentation, chord progression and other characteristics, you’ll understand why today’s artists are musical geniuses. The next time you hear “Despacito” you’ll find Justin Bieber’s work to be much more meaningful.



Mugatunes was created by two college roommates, that wanted a place to share the music they love. Since then this site has intensely grown. Their “Tastemakers” curate playlists, share songs, and interview artists. They have been picked because their music tastes are trustworthy. We love that curation is back in the hands of actual fans, and not the computer. They have playlists for every mood or types of artists. This ensures that you’ll be able to find your favorite songs and your new favorite jams. Say goodbye to algorithms and hello to Mugatunes.


Spindle Magazine

Although this is actually a creative magazine, Spindle’s website has a lot of cool content on upcoming artists. We’re a fan since they are a “hub for a thriving creative community” with many collaborating artists from all different backgrounds. Each week they supply you with new nonmainstream tracks, as well as artist interviews.



This popular site is buzzing with music news from all genres. Here you’ll find reviews from music now and then. If you want to learn more about a certain artist and their newest work, Pitchfork has covered it. This is also an awesome place to find new concerts or festivals to go to!


Aquarium Drunkard 

This L.A. based blog is known for having eclectic selections and deep interviews with artists. Going through their site feels like rummaging through a record store, which makes a lot of sense since the founder, Justin Gage has an extensive collection. They have a TON of cool content and provide a proper outlet for artists that should be better known. Definitely the place to go to find groovy tunes like you’ve never heard before.

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