5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Aesthetically Pleasing

5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Aesthetically Pleasing

Instagram Aesthetic

Written by Ani Clifford


Step 1:

The first step is to pick a color scheme. You want to pick a theme that fits the environment you live in. If you are a total beach babe you should create an Instagram feed that revolves around a beach theme, but if you live in a rainy climate it is more logical to pick a theme that allows for many photo-op moments in that environment. This will ensure you have lots of material for your feed. You want to create a color scheme that best fits with the environment you are in. For example: warm colors such as yellow, brown, white, and reds work well with a beach themed feed, whereas cold colors such as white, blue, grey, and black are perfect for a darker themed feed like a rainy environment or an adventure, outdoorsy feed.


Step 2:

The second step is picking an editing style. You need to create a consistent editing style in order to create a feed that flows. My favorite editing apps are VSCO and Camera+. You don’t necessarily need to use filters, but if you do be sure to keep them consistent throughout your feed.


Step 3:

The third step is the most important. It is creating content for your feed. You will want to take photos of everything and anything. It is always better to have more material than you need! This is where your creativity shines through your Instagram feed. Take photos of anything even if you think it might be a stupid idea, you’ll never know until you try and who knows it might turn out to be the perfect photo!


Step 4:

The fourth step is to take untraditional photos. You will want to take photos of anything from yourself to the tiny details of a leaf that people normally don’t notice. This will create an artistic look for your feed and give your followers a look into the way you see the world around you. Untraditional photos create a great variety in photos and will make your feed look interesting but consistent.


Step 5:

The fifth step is to download the app Unum. This is a game changer. It is an app that will help you plan out your feed and show you what your feed looks like up until this point. You are able to rearrange future photos to post on a grid and decide what order will look the best!


Step 6:

The sixth step is to be sure you are mixing up your photos by using a variety of texture, landscape, and photos of people. You will want to mix up these three varieties of photos in order to keep your feed from looking very person-oriented. The easiest way to remember to do this is to make sure you don’t put any two of the same types of photos next to each other to keep your feed interesting!


And you’re finished, you now have all the tools you need to create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram!!

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