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5 Ways To AMp Up Your Summer Style: Styling Bold Silk Scarves With Simple Outfits

Photo by Larsen Sotelo

Tis’ the season for fun colors and daring accessories.

Summer 2017 is the perfect time to experiment with your outfits and overall style - express yourself, lovas. You may be wondering “But how can I incorporate these bold colors and accessories into my everyday outfits without being extra?”

Well, we got you babes. Scarves are the #1 Summer staple piece making their way into all of the Summer must-have round-ups for many reasons, you just need to get inspired by some photos to try them out for yourself- and that's what we're here for. Our silk scarves are versatile and are perfect for AMping up any style, while also staying classy, chic, unique and polished. 

Here are some tips on how to dive into this summer’s hottest trend and incorporate more silk scarves into your daily outfits.

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  1. The Little White Dress

The Little White Dress is a summer must-have! The light colors keep us cool from the heat and can suit any occasion. As much as we love the LWD, we can’t wear it too often. Or can we? To spice up this look, try adding a bold colored silk scarf around your neck. The pop of color distracts from the fact this is the 10th time you’ve worn this dress (don’t worry, we won’t tell.)


  1. Monochrome

Calling all neutral junkies! If you’re torn between diving into this trend or jeopardizing your monochromatic look, this is the best way to ease into it. Sporting a strong pattern loosely tied around the neck can elevate a simple blouse without overpowering it.


  1. The Belt

You might be thinking “A scarf?? In the summer??” Don’t worry! The lightweight silk belt is the perfect way to accessorize without an additional layer. The sleek knot around the waist enhances an outfit without heating you up. Because you're already hot as hell;)


  1. The Bag

If the belt wasn’t enough to convince you, try this trick. Tie your silk scarf around your bag. This is especially best for those who like their handbags to be the focus of their outfits. Forget the furry pom pom and opt for one of these!

  1. The Headband

Summer humidity is every girl’s nightmare. To keep your hair in place, try sporting a silk scarf as a chic headband. This not only brightens up any outfit, but it brings the attention to your pretty face.


These were our five tips on how to AMp up your style! Let us know how you like to embrace this trend!

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