5 Ways To Decorate Those Barren Walls Today

5 Ways To Decorate Those Barren Walls Today

Decorating your walls is typically the last area in your home or office that you furnish because it usually takes a bit more creativity and time. If you're going to hang something on your walls, you want to make sure you love it and won't get sick of it in a week. It can be hard - we know, we've totally been there too. Which is why we are here to help with our new gold foil prints we started rolling out this week! 

We've put together 5 different home decor ideas to help you get some new ideas and inspiration for decorating your walls.

1. The Gallery Montage

Create an area that really shows your personality by putting together a lovely montage wall full of beautiful frames and prints that express you. Mix different photos, quotes, prints, and art that you love. Shop the gold foil prints here.

Gold Foil Prints


2. Neon signs

are a chic, modern accent to brighten up any room, literally.

3. Oversized calendars

Practical and pleasing to the eye, this oversized calendar is ideal for a family kitchen or personal office.

Photo via Trend Hunter

4. Round mirrors

really open up a space and work well with multiple design styles. They’re a great way to fill a wall without adding color or business.

Photo via DesignTwins

5. Frame silk scarves

for a pop of color on your wall. Choose a scarf with an intricate pattern for more visual impact.framed silk scarf

Purchase our silk scarves here.

 You want your home to be chic, unique, and you.

So let's get to it and spruce up those barren walls.

Shop these prints below here.

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