An Interview With The Artist Behind The Elephant Evolution Collection

An Interview With The Artist Behind The Elephant Evolution Collection

We interviewed the talented designer behind the beautiful elephant designs for A.M. Club which we created to raise awareness about saving the elephants. You can read about Amy's experience in SE Asia here to learn more about the backstory and history.

But today the spotlight is on Bruna so keep reading below to learn more about her and what she is inspired by.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Bruna Sirqueira and I am a Brazilian designer currently located in England, where I am doing my master in Design Innovation. I am very multidisciplinary, always putting myself in the most varied art, design and humanities courses and workshops and working with art, product, graphic and textile design, illustration and footwear.

What about graphic design first interested you?

I have always liked to draw and the computer has been present in my life since when I was 7 years old. I spent many hours of my childhood drawing in paper and in the computer - I always loved illustration. However, I was only introduced to the concept of design when I was in High School, deciding for which course I would apply at University. The idea of something that mixes art with tangible functions fascinated me and, then, I made my choice.

What are some obstacles you face as an artist?

During the last year, I have been working only in personal projects and as a freelancer, which is what I like to do. However, some people and companies do not value the work of designers and artists, which hinders the stabilization of professionals. I face this problem a lot in my birth country.

What are your favorite things about being an artist?

Despite any obstacles, today there is technology and a sense of freedom that allows everyone to learn, create and spread new things. It generates a miscellany of artists from different backgrounds creating works that mixes a range of different ideas, materials, references and views. To be someone living and producing in such a diverse moment is fantastic!

Who or what are you inspired by?

Everything that surrounds me inspires me. From everyday things to art exhibitions. From close to distant cultures (in terms of time and miles). We are bombed with visual materials and underlying meanings all the time. Maybe that’s why many of my compositions are so busy!


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