Ethical Issues In Fashion You Should Know About

Ethical Issues In Fashion You Should Know About

Here at A.M., we genuinely care about creating products that are positively impactful to the community. By collaborating with other artists, our products are able to connect creative minds to the market while supporting the arts. By donating a portion of profits to various charities, we are able to help make the world a better place. And by producing products that are the highest of quality and made in safe environments where the employees are well taken care of; our pieces are ones to be kept for a lifetime.
Overall, we have a strong commitment to forming our own community while strengthening the ones around us.
We see the overarching importance in doing good. That is why we chose to produce in London and Italy, rather than places where production comes at a lower cost, at the cost of others. In doing this, we can assure to deliver the best quality and that our business is done responsibly and free of any cruelty. We want our products to be a reminder and catalyst for our customers to make a difference. By facilitating this mindfulness, we hope that more can become more thoughtful of where their clothing comes from and its impact in the long run.
We are very excited to be partnering with the Council of Fashion & Social Change this next season - because the CFSC truly cares about making a difference in the fashion industry and raising the bar. CFSC is a non-profit organization that is focused on creating social impact through fashion and design activities. These next designs coming soon will each have a nonprofit or charity in which a percentage of profits will be donated to.
Prioritizing ethical sourcing is so crucial to us as many other brands forget to do so. However, as awareness for environmental and sustainability issues have grown in the past decades, there are some other awesome brands that are thoroughly taking action and we support 100%.

Empower one another. It's the cool thing to do. 


Based in L.A., Reformation’s mission is to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. They’ve implemented RefScale, which tracks their environmental footprint from carbon dioxide emission to gallons of water usage. Customers can compare the industry standard of producing pieces to Reformation’s use and waste. It is surprising how much the brand saves in efforts to make a difference. Additionally, Reformation is very conscious of the footprint that their factories and technologies make. Stores and fabrics are built and made with sustainable materials. They’re also a Certified Benefit Corporation, so they must comply with demanding standards in their performance to help solve social and environmental problems.


Girlfriend Collective

In addition to helping the environment , this luxury activewear company strives to give all workers, from the factory to the office, a decent life and living wages. The company gave away free high performance leggings last year with a $20 shipping cost (from Vietnam). By doing this, consumers were able to try the leggings and form a trust for the quality of the product. Each pair of leggings is made from 25 plastic water bottles thanks to a factory they found in Vietnam. They set out and have already accomplished “to create a chic athleisure line that was minimalist in design without compromising performance, to be eco friendly and offer complete transparency with every step of the apparel-making process, and to deliver a luxe product that people would trust.”1 Girlfriend Collective is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see what they will do in the future.



Zady is a clothing company that knows the challenge of having a closet full of clothes but feeling like there is nothing to wear or owning pieces that fall apart after being worn only a few times. This brand wants to combat the negative effects of fast fashion. Their project, the New Standard pinpoints each step of the production process and the elements of the environment that it effects. This increases the company’s transparency and allows for consumers to truly understand all the work and waste that goes into making a piece. By providing this information, Zady hopes that consumers can make better decisions when buying since they know that consumers ultimately hold the power to making change.



In an industry that is always changing, it is refreshing and important to see other brands like us who truly care about the long term versus season to season. It is essential to A.M. that we craft pieces that have meaning. That is why our pieces are worth collecting. We hope that each piece can start a conversation and spark recognition to the environmental and social issues that face us today. 

Join the Club.
-Kimberly Yap
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