How To Spruce Up Your Walls

How To Spruce Up Your Walls

        Bare walls are a perfect canvas for showcasing art in all forms from tapestry to prints. We all have faced the sight of a plain, beige wall in our houses that yearns for a pop of color to define our spaces. Personalization is key to create a perfect backdrop to add that homey vibe we all love. Embrace the creative spaces of blank canvases that hold a multitude of design opportunities for your space!

            One great way to explore inspiration is through our well-loved website, Pinterest, the mecca of home design and interior spaces. We even curated a board on all our favorite looks showcasing gallery walls to mirrors. Take a peek below!














1.) Conventional Meets Transitional: Scarves (A.M. CLUB)

One of the most transitional pieces in fashion can be used to dress up your bare walls. From bold, graphic scarves ready to make a statement to subtle silk numbers, makes this wall décor is a game changer.

The best way to use scarves as wall decor is sticking to colors and prints that have similar colors and tone to the rest of your space. If you have brightly colored furniture like red chairs or brown tables, use a cool black and white geometric scarf to create a focal wall. similarly, if you space screams for color, don’t be afraid to hang scarves up as a tapestry on multiple walls to bring the space together.

2.) Photo Adorned – Inkifi

Using photos, especially your own or from your favorite artist can help bring in personality to any space. We love inkifi – a website dedicated to bring high quality prints from your Instagram or photos into your house. There are endless options for adorning your space. Tightly curated gallery walls from your summer vacations to a bold illustration can make all the difference!

Stick to a same color scheme or neutrals in a color vibrant setting as well as using the height of your prints and photos to define a larger space is key to a show stopping wall.

3.) Bold Designs – Desenio

Ranging from Scandinavian inspired posters and prints to bold typography, Desenio, is a one stop shop for a perfect selection of simple and clean graphics your walls need. What we love about Desenio is the multiple sizes available for a majority of all the designs. With Desenio, mixing and matching texts and images in different sizes can bring the simplicity your walls need. Don’t be afraid to pick out fun graphics or photographs because those small touches bring life to your walls!


The simple designs are a perfect match for bright walls or a gallery wall hanging all your favorite curations of clean, minimalist designs.
Walls are the boundaries for any space. We live and breathe in the spaces we enjoy with family and friends making our walls an expression of our artistic side. When faced with a bare wall, never be afraid to showcase who you are on your walls!

 -Written by Patrick Castro

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