2 Ways To Tie A Silk Scarf As A Top (W/ GIFS)


We made some how to videos on different ways to wear your scarves which you can see here - but here are some simplified, step-by-step guidelines. Go get 'em tiger.  

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  • Silky Bandeau


  1. To begin, first lay your scarf on a flat surface
  2. Folding along the diagonal axis, take the top right corner and bottom left corner and place in the middle of the scarf, creating a burrito-like shape
  3. Next, fold the burrito in half longways, adjusting the width depending on the coverage you’re going for
  4. Wrap the scarf around your chest (fold side up) with the ends at the front of your body
  5. Secure in the middle with a double knot, finishing with a bow


  • Halter Crop Top
  1. First, lay your scarf on a flat surface
  2. Tie the top left and right corners together, as if making a cape, but make sure it is secure to avoid wardrobe malfunctions!
  3. Slip your head through the hole with the knot in the back (make sure the knot is still secure!)
  4. Take the bottom left and right corners of the scarf and tie around your waist, possibly double knotting for safety
  5. Optional step: twist the bottom corners before tying for a different look


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