Muse Monday Series: An Interview With Photographer Andi Elloway

Muse Monday Series: An Interview With Photographer Andi Elloway

Andi Elloway. I met this authentic, gem of a human in LA back in 2013 and am so grateful to have such an amazing person in my life. I found her work on Facebook of all places. She photographed a super cool girl/model I went to middle school with -Laura La Rue aka Fefe for Purple Magazine and the photos were BOMB - like nothing I had ever seen.

The way Andi photographed her really stood out to me, I was extremely intrigued, reached out, we connected, took some photos around Beverly HIlls that were later published in Papercut Magazine. and immediately became girl-power-go-getter-friends. She's honestly one of the coolest woman I've ever met. Hard working, effortlessly perfect, confident, talented, passionate, hilarious, and mysterious. 

If you’ve met her - you instantly love and respect her. She is more than a girl boss but a major muse.


Her photos are clean, crisp, glamorous, intimate, intriguing, polished yet raw and real – she makes taking the sickest photos look effortless. She used to live in LA but now is a NYC girl and I love how much she's slayed the past few years. 

Her client list is top notch. She's shot for Nike, Adidas, Purple Magazine,, Glamour, i-D and a host of other brands. Her chill factor and talent has led her to shoot a ton of your favorite artists as well including Kanye, A$AP and Andy Sandberg to name a few. 

Here are some photos I took of her last week and an interview so you can get to know her.

Make sure to check out her website, Tumblr and Insta.

Shop the silk scarf she's wearing here.



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