Man Muse Monday Series: An Interview With Music Producer Joe Hodges

Man Muse Monday Series: An Interview With Music Producer Joe Hodges

Today, "The Bag" by Syph debuted the music video, and Joe Hodges co-produced the song so I thought it was the appropriate time to release the interview as well. "The Bag" was on the show Atlanta and is one of my personal favorites. 

Watch it here and read on below for the interview and A.M. CLUB x JOE HODGES exclusive photos. 



Authentic, hard working, focused, talented, confident, kind hearted, loyal, passionate, a beautiful soul; there are not enough words to describe this man.

Joe Hodges is THE best music producer I know - the music he creates is the most powerful and makes you feel so many emotions.

Born and raised in Detroit and now residing in Los Angeles - three blocks down the street from me to be precise - Joe moved to LA to become a music producer. Hodges has been working with a plethora of artists in the hip-hop, pop and rap scene the past few years including Syph, P Reign, Deniro Farrar, and Pro Logic - one of OVO's main producers/engineers to name a few, but you can read more about that below and stay up to date with his new projects by following his Twitter @joehodgesmusic.

Joe Hodges is a major inspiration; a mega man muse. 

Hodges is wearing the Classic A.M. Bandana which you can shop here.    

Tell us about how you got started as a music producer.

When I was 20, I dropped out of college to pursue music - something I was passionate about and they can't teach you in school.  I always wanted to start a band, but everybody just wanted to play guitar, so I wanted to find a way to put all of the sounds together myself.  That’s when I started to mess around with GarageBand and Ableton. Then I used the internet (Youtube mainly) to teach myself production software.

What have been some of your favorite projects and why?

Working on Deniro Farrar’s projects - we have a similar mindset when it comes to creating music.  Also working on Syph's new projects has been dope, and P Reigns album.  I was able to connect with Toronto producer Pro Logic, and our workflow has been crazy lately. 

What about music first interested you?

The way music makes you feel.

Any movies, musicians, books or people that have inspired you?

Dr. Dre, 40, and Kanye.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor or colleague?

F*ck other people's opinions & never give up.

Any advice for those in the A.M. CLUB?

Follow your dreams and don't look back. 

What’s the first thing you do every morning?

Gym and sex with bae. Then breakfast and straight to work.

Dream or next travel destination? Previous favorite?

Italy with bae next. Previously New Zealand.

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