Man Muse Monday Series: Lunch With Wiz Khalifa's Stylist - Leontae Thomas

Man Muse Monday Series: Lunch With Wiz Khalifa's Stylist - Leontae Thomas

One of the main reasons I started A.M. was because I love being surrounded by amazingly creative individuals who stand for something and aren't afraid to express themselves authentically. I love being able to sit down with those we find inspiring, whether it be for their work ethic, mind set, aesthetic, or original creations; and then share their stories and ideas in hopes of inspiring you. Each person we interview for our "Muse Monday" series is carefully selected by my team and I as we search for those who have an authentic and unique story. So today we're sharing the story of legend Leontae Thomas.

A.M. is more than a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle brand that stands for more and contributes to the culture. Our brand message and ethics come first - which is why we only produce in Europe and offer the most luxurious products. 

Last month we met up for lunch with L.A. native Leontae Thomas at My Two Cents off W. Pico Blvd.  His original outfit was one of my favorites due to it's unique aesthetic paired with his laidback demeanor and humble vibe. Leontae's aesthetic speaks for itself. He has a confident presence about him that money can't buy. 

At the young age of 21, Leontae has already low-key landed jobs any stylist would kill for, yet he doesn't even really consider himself a stylist. Thomas began working with Wiz Khalifa and Playboi Carti before he was Playboi Carti. Not only is Thomas talented, but also loyal and hard working which allowed him to grow with his friends - the type of person you want to surround yourself with from the beginning. Positive vibes all around.

His humble work ethic, attention to detail, intriguing style, and unique vision are what landed him as Wiz Khalifa and Playboi Carti's stylist. 

Thomas just gets "it" and his vision is one to follow.

Insta: @leontvexthomvs

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Tell us about how you got started as a stylist.


I don’t really consider myself a stylist. But pretty much the homie Ian established a relationship with Wiz and mentioned the idea of us styling for him. Wiz was rocking with it and Ian wanted me apart of the project so that’s pretty much how we got started. Styling for Wiz was the first styling project so I really took advantage of the opportunity and tried to learn as much as I can through this experience.


How did you discover what you wanted to do?


It was natural. Fashion and Music have always interested me especially being from the Bay. I always wanted to do something in the music industry or fashion industry and once I got to LA and opportunities started arising I knew it was possible and I was going to do it.


What have been some of your favorite projects and why?


Some of my favorite projects would be styling for Wiz, and working day-to-day with Carti. These projects really gave me the opportunity to really give my creative input and be hands-on with decisions being made. And those are brothers, so of course there’s always going to be good times when working with people you’re close with. 


Favorite person you’ve styled?


I’d have to say Wiz.


What’s the most fun part of what you do?


I would have to say being able to connect with like-minded individuals. It’s always cool when people can come together to share ideas and knowledge, and I really enjoy traveling to different places and getting the opportunity to experience different cultures and embrace them. I just want to learn and consume as much information possible, that’s what its all about.


Any movies, books or people that have inspired you?


A few movies that have inspired me are Wolf of Wall Street, Social Network, Steve Jobs movie, Trainspotting, and Fight Club. My book inspirations are 1984 and Steve Jobs. And If I had to choose people that have inspired me I’d say Kid Cudi, Kurt Cobain, and Elon Musk.

Top 3 style icons?


Kurt Cobain

Andre 3K






Music you have on repeat right now?


Lately I’ve been listening a lot of old music such as Dipset, Classic Lil Wayne and Jimi Hendrix. Of course I got my bro Playboi Carti’s mixtape in rotation, along with vintage Cudi, and N*E*R*D albums.


Favorite places to shop in LA?


I don’t do much shopping in LA but when I do my favorite places to hit up are: Union Los Angeles, Opening Ceremony, Barneys, Round Two, vintage stores and Supreme.


Favorite item in your closet?


This is a tough one. I have a few cool things in my collection but if I had to choose it would probably be my Supreme patchwork fur coat from the S/S15 collection. I feel like that’s a legendary Supreme piece. 


What is the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor or colleague?


The best advice I received from a mentor was to always control my own life and don’t pay attention to what the haters are talking about.


Any advice for the creatives?

Never be satisfied. Once one thing is accomplished move on to something else that people wouldn’t expect. And to never have regrets, because whatever it is you did at that moment is how you really felt.


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