Muse Monday: An Interview With Artist Rashelle Roos Part I (SOUL SOLE)

Muse Monday: An Interview With Artist Rashelle Roos Part I (SOUL SOLE)

Interview for A.M. CLUB
Rashelle Roos x A.M. Club
I've personally been beyond excited to share these designs with the world. Rashelle Roos is truly a gem with such a warm, authentic personality. Read on below and get to know one of our favorite artists and collaborators this year. xx
Tell us about how you got started as an artist? When and where was the “ah-ha!” moment?
I’ve always loved shoes (many women do!) and I love supporting other women. Shoe love is kind-of fun and cheeky way to bring us together. My “ah-ha!” moment was when I got out of my own way. I stopped worrying about my own insecurities in the work, when instead, I starting thinking about lifting other up. (“Lift her soul! –Stiletto art inspired by real-life, amazing women)
You have created your own, strong, amazing aesthetic and style – what inspired you along the way? Any words of wisdom for all artists out there who are still finding their own style?
Every woman who has encouraged me. From my close beloved mentors today, to a stranger walking down the street, who said she likes my outfit… All women supporting women, in big and small ways.
Advice: Keep focused on what you love, and the style will present itself.
What have been some of your favorite projects and why?
Seriously, this collaboration with Amy Marietta, A.M Club, and Lindsay Siwiec, Project Style. I view us as three successful women who want mutual success for the others, and to support the success of future women to come. LOVE those types of partnerships! I seek out partners and projects that I believe enrich our world.
When Amy “got” my goal with the Nasty Woman stilettos, and then tweaked them with empowering spins to (Fancy, Smart, Spicy, Strong, and Not your Woman), I knew it was just right. I cannot wait to wear this scarf, showing whichever empowering adjective I’m feeling that day.
Seems perfect that we met through Project Style. I’m crazy about the idea of young girls developing their own styles to express their personality and build confidence, instead of fitting fashion norms.
Any movies, books or people that have inspired you?
Did you know that originally, there was no Queen in the game of chess? Today, the Queen is the most powerful player on the board!
Marilyn Yalom’s book, Birth of the Chess Queen, follows how the Chess Queen came into existence, and rose to power. Yalom contextualizes the history of chess within the history of Queens, other rulers, and culture of the times. It’s a brilliant take on feminism over the ages. (this is not a new concept ;)
Arica Hilton of Hilton Asmus Contemporary Gallery in Chicago invited me to co-curate, and exhibit in the “History of the Chess Queen – or The Advent of Feminine Power” art exhibit, using Yalom’s book as inspiration.
I found three Queens, dating as far back as 12th c., to be my inspiration for three stilettos.
While I made the stilettos, I felt immersed in the different obstacles and accomplishments women have faced over the centuries. We are all so connected to each other. We learn from the Queens before us, and we are all Queens of our own lives.

Maria Cristina (1579-1849, Queen of Sardinia)

Marie de’Medici (1575-1642, Queen of France)

Maude (1102-1167, Empress of England)

How do you stay inspired and creatively charged?
Easy! I’m inspired by other women –women I know personally, and women I’ve read about. All I have to do it meet a successful woman, or do an internet search on a woman, and I’ve got my muse!
What other passions do you have?
Uh… shoe shopping!
What is the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor or colleague?
You have to make a ton of bad art before the good art comes. Don’t be afraid of the bad art – it is leading you to something!
What’s the first thing you do every morning?
Coffee in bed, and plan my day –what I’ll accomplish, and what kind of shoes the day calls for.
Dream or next travel destination? Previous favorite?
I recently learned there is a shoe museum in Toronto. BATA Shoe Museum. Seriously? I have to go!
Previous favorites:
Paris for Louboutin, Capri for handmade sandals, and the rest of Italy for just about any good leather shoe.
Top 3 favorite Instagram accounts?
Thelawofattraction1 for daily affirmations

You can see more of Rashelle's work on her website and Instagram and shop her collection on our site here.

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