Jessica Markowski. NY based influencer, model, actress, and brand ambassador. 
With a client list including Dior, Verizon, H&M, SAKS, and many, many more - Jessica is #goals. Not only is she a stunning Polish beauty with the most gorgeous blue eyes you've ever seen, but this lovely woman has the most magnetic and charming personality that inspires hundreds of thousands. Her consistent work ethic, charming personality, and passion for what she does is truly inspiring. Jessica is a major muse.  

Get to know Jessica by reading our interview with her below.

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Tell us about how you got started as an influencer, model and actress.


My story dates back to when I was 16 years old. I started out as a model in NYC. Booking many print, commercial and TV/Film related work.

All I have done was always documented on social media. Particularly, I wanted my friends to see what I was doing and where my career was heading.

With time, I grew a following of people who appreciated my journey. Shortly after, I started partnering with brands and had allowed me to become an social media influencer.


How did you discover what you wanted to do?


I think I discovered what I wanted to do when I started performing as an Actor and Model. I love the idea of creating something and building an audience to enjoy that. Whether it was print, commercial, TV/Film, I enjoyed putting on a "show." I think it is why I enjoy being an influencer as well. I love creating something for others to enjoy. In a nut shell, I think I love the power of influence in every aspect of what I do. 


What’s the most fun part of what you do?


 The most fun part of what I do if definitely the independence and creative factor. I love being the decision maker of my own craft. It is so fulfilling for me!


Favorite places to shop?


My absolute favorite places to shop in NYC has to be SoHo. Not only is SoHo filled with many great stores, the people walking around are so well dressed in their own unique way. Every one there has their own particular sense of style. I personally find that to be so inspirational!  


Favorite item in your closet?


That is a really tricky one as most of my items are favorites! But if I had to choose it would be my Celine handbag. My days in New York City can get a bit chaotic, running from meetings, auditions, castings, evening events, etc.  So having a bag that can fit everything, pretty much saves my life each time! It can fit laptop, portfolio, makeup, second option outfit. What item can a busy girl love more?!


Any advice for the creatives?


 I think the best advice I can give to anyone is to just follow your heart and do what makes you happy and truly satisfied. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

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