Chizzy Chang is what she goes by on the gram, and this nickname seems fitting being that she is the perfect mix of Cali cool and NY street smart. She has a warm personality, genuine aura, consistent work ethic and a beautiful open mind. Emily (her real first name) is a total babe and LA needs more models like her because young girls look up to models and they need better role models.

From recently being featured in Playboy to modeling for various clothing brands to shooting with some of the best photographers in the US - Chizzy Chang is a major A.M. muse for her persistent attitude and real demeanor. Plus, we love her unique exotic look - let's be real, she's a stunner. 

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Okay, important question. How did you get the nickname Chizzy Chang?

Haha everyone always asks me this… so my dad and I used to be really into Call Of Duty and would play religiously. One day I saw he had changed his gamer tag to ‘MChizzy’ and I instantly told him I'm stealing that name and the rest is history. Thanks dad!

So I know we already talked about this, but I think everyone needs to know. What exotic mix of ethnicities are you?

I am 25% Chinese, and the rest is Polish, Italian, Irish, and German :) Not sure the percentages but I just did an ancestry test so I should know soon.

Where did you grow up and what inspired you to start working with so many amazing photographers?

I grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia called Phoenixville. I wanted to model since I was a little girl, I remember having my sisters friends take photos of me with their razor flip phones. One day I realized that If I want this I have to make it happen, and I started applying for low key gigs on craigslist (sketch I know) and eventually got to where I am now.

Favorite photographer you’ve shot with and why?

I don’t like to say I have ONE favorite photographer because there are seriously too many great photographers that I love working with – but my friend alessandro has got to be one of my favorite. His Instagram is @bellezzamoda. He has been in the Industry for over 25 years and knows exactly what he’s doing.

Favorite movie?

I really don’t have a favorite movie because I literally will fall asleep 9 times out of 10, LOL. But I do have some favorite TV shows like: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Broad City, and any animal/nature documentary.

Summer plans?

I just recently graduated college so I have one more internship for the summer while I try to figure out what in gods name it is that I want to do. I'd rather wait on getting a “real job” so I know my foot is in the right door. So I’ve got the internship, I work at a restaurant that I’ve been working at since high school on weekends, and modeling!

Favorite item in your closet?

Hmmmm that’s tough, I like comfy staple pieces. I have this cream colored hoodie that looks like its from the Yeezy line ( its not haha ) that is definitely a go to. And then I’ve recently been obsessed with puma sneakers specifically the Rihanna Puma line so I always grab those to wear as a go to as well!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received from a mentor or colleague?

The best advice I’ve ever received from a mentor or colleague is to just believe in myself and to not stop when I’m told no. Whenever I did anything it was for the approval of others versus the betterment of myself. Once I started seeing what my coaches and teachers saw in me, I realized I was unstoppable – all I had to do was believe it too and do it for me and only me.

 If you could pick any topic to talk about – what would it be?

It would 100% be the topic of thoughts. Thoughts become things and you can literally change your life just by changing the way you think – I'm living proof. One day I decided I wanted to be a model and I did simply by changing my thoughts. What you put into this universe you get back. If you put in negative thoughts you will get out negativity.

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