New Stores Carrying A.M. <3

New Stores Carrying A.M. <3


Wonderland Capri

A.M. Club’s designs are now available at Wonderland Capri! Wonderland Capri was the first vintage store in Capri since 2003 and has the finest collection of clothing and accessories from 1980s to1990s with broad ranges of designers like Chanel, Hermès, Moschino, Versace, Valentino etc. This store’s concept is mixing the vintage best design labels with new designers around the world. It is the favorite stalk shop for many fashionistas, fashion bloggers, celebrities such as Katy Perry and Jessie Jo Starck. It also gives the unique, fun and enjoyable in-store shopping experience by the good music, nice view and of course - the impeccable and curated selection.

Xandre Rock- Wonderland Capri founder’s quote is :“True beauty knows no age.” and for A.M Club, we want to support the environment by produce the best quality of goods to be the favorite lifetime pieces. We agreed and chose to place our products at Wonderland Capri because of the same thinkings and directions with one  another.

Moda Operandi

Next, A.M. Club products also landed on Moda Operandi, the only e-commerce retailer offers customers to pre-order products directly from the runway. Moda Operandi is THE luxury fashion destination.

Bucolik is an e-commerce marketplace for emerging designers which offers many unique fashion pieces that won’t see anywhere. The main purpose is empower the young, new designers to grow and expand their brands by present the stories to connect them with many fashion-savvy around the world.The team wants to offer customers much more than just a beautiful fashion collection that’s why their website always has the endless options of clothing and stories behind them go along with many pop-up shop events.




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