Rain Drop, Scarf Top: Bad And Bougee A.M. Club Edition

Rain Drop, Scarf Top: Bad And Bougee A.M. Club Edition

A perfect example of modern C U L T U R E.

Migos 'Bad And Bougee' music video featuring silk bandana scarves. 

A.M. CLUB - the epitome of bad and bougee. 

Brands will do anything to infiltrate the urban streetwear scene and have certain artists even acknowledge their brand. Such as LV partnering with Supreme to reach the large and loyal streetwear audience, or basically everyone trying to get their hands on hip-hop group Migos which our Monday Muse Bukunmi Grace actually photographed for FEAR OF GOD last week! Go girl boss Grace! This video is life/goals/yes.
With A.M. Club - it's been rather seamless as the founder, Amy Marietta, is already very much involved in the music industry and styles/consults a solid group of artists. They call her up at any time for custom pieces or to style them - it just works. 

For brands to succeed, they need to keep it authentic and luxe. 

Not only are the pieces on trend, but they are created by artists and also give back to specific non-profits.

Launched in the summer of 2016 by 24 year-old Amy Marietta, the A.M. Club has been gaining a following amongst artists such as Post Malone, music producers FKI 1st and Joe Hodges, hip-hop duo THEY and major DJ sister duo KREWELLA. The company’s stylish, eye-catching silk scarves challenge old fashion conventions. FKI 1st and THEY demonstrate that the silk scarf is no longer just for the feminine woman, but also for the forward-thinking man. 
Climbing to the status of high fashion but also catering to the urban art scene, the A.M. Club has taken hold of a wide audience. The company’s collection of scarves come in a variety of designs, some bold and extravagant and others simple yet elegant. All of these designs, however, possess a vintage flair. Take for example the streamlined, Art Deco-inspired accents found in both the Miami Montage and George Meets Jan scarves. Meanwhile, the groovy, colorful, and kaleidoscope-like Elephant Evolution scarves bring to mind the bohemian 1960s and 70s. The A.M. Club has something for everyone.

Do it for the culture. 


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