The Most Unique & Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts Both Of You Will Enjoy C/O Kama Sutra

The Most Unique & Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts Both Of You Will Enjoy C/O Kama Sutra

Valentine's Day is a holiday that celebrates romantic love, yet it is typically dreaded by almost all of us, singles and couples alike. The pressure to find the perfect gift is daunting, no matter what stage you are at in the relationship. Sure, you could get your lover something cliché, like flowers or chocolate, but why not try something sexy, thoughtful, and adventurous? Something that will actually enhance your love for each other through experiences. A gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.
It's time to embrace your sexuality and spice up your love life. Whether you've been with your lover for decades or only just started dating, there is always more to explore in the bedroom. And before you go off and think that sex is too risqué to talk about - pause. It's 2018. Sex is vital to any relationship and has been scientifically proven to enhance your happiness and intimacy with your partner. More sex = less stress. Facts.
No matter what stage you are at in your relationship, if you've had sex, then you cannot go wrong with these items. Each one will keep things spicy in the bedroom, and ultimately bring you closer together than ever. And if you're too embarrassed to shop for them in public, no worries - you can easily order online.
So here we go ladies and gentlemen... Here is my version of the most unique and romantic Valentine's Day gifts that both you and your lover will enjoy - courtesy of the OG, the legendary - Kama Sutra...

Deluxe A.M. Collab Box 

For Kama Sutra

A.M. Club has partnered with Kama Sutra to bring to you the ultimate fun and flirty gift. Shop the Deluxe A.M. Collab Box ($100). Now available on Kama Sutra, just in time for Valentine's Day. The Supra Kama Sutra scarf is included inside too:)

And remember, when you buy this, you're really treating yourself too...


Kama Sutra scarf 

A.M. Supra Kama Sutra scarf

Use this to tie you up, blind fold, or as a scarf.



Thank me later.



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