The Perfect Fix: Our Favorite Coffee Shops In LA

The Perfect Fix: Our Favorite Coffee Shops In LA

I don't know about you guys, but we love discovering new coffee shops and cafes - it's a thing. And we only love them if they have wifi - sorry Blue Bottle... Finding a coffee shop is like finding a new bar - it can become part of your weekly, or daily, ritual. A good habit, if you will.

So we put together a list of our favorite spots in LA for the perfect fix.  


Verve Coffee

Not only is their iced coffee great, but they also have fresh juices, the perfect environment to work in due to the lovely lighting and speedy wifi, and great location. 


Also known as Paramount Coffee Project - is our personal favorite. You can order a to go coffee from the window, or enjoy a lovely breakfast inside or on the back patio. Truly a hidden gem.


 Alfred’s Coffee

But first, Coffee. You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard this saying before. This popular franchise is known for their bright and welcoming vibes and Instagram-able store design. Whether it is for a quick cup of joe or to hang out with friends, Alfred’s Coffee and their other stores offer a wide-variety of drinks to suit all.

Carrera Cafe

Right across the street from the famous pink wall is Carrera Cafe and it is another amazing spot to stop in for some coffee, some latte art, and a snack. Super Euro chic vibes - our favorite.

The Assembly

A quiet coffee shop that's typically pretty lowkey and has the cutest back patio area.

Maru Coffee 

This small café located in Loz Feliz is the perfect blend of simple and chic. Maru Coffee is best known for their unique cups. Ranging from Notary Ceramics Nesting Tumbler to a tall Collins glass, Maru Coffee serves your daily fix in only the best. In addition to their coffee, Maru Coffee serves a variety of other drinks as well, such as the matcha latte and aqua fresca.

Document Coffee Bar

Similar to Maru Coffee, this small coffee shop located in Koreatown is fresh and modern.

Document Coffee Bar is a nice place to drop-by for a morning pick-me-up. The back entrance has a small patio to soak up the LA sun. If you have some time to spare, order your coffee for here and you will see that they also use unique cups to serve their coffee such as the stemless glass cup. Perfect for that Instagram flat-lay of your daily routine.


With the same passion for fair trade and ethical practices that we here at A.M. Club are all about, Intellegentsia is different in that they partner directly with their coffee bean growers, thus producing a unique coffee experience.



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