The Perfect Summer Wardrobe

The Perfect Summer Wardrobe


In case you haven’t heard, A.M. Club scarves were just available for a special trunk show on Moda Operandi’s website! With this awesome news, we are excited to bring you two outfits that embody the perfect Summer wardrobe.

Outfit 1:

This chic outfit is simple yet wild. The matching Thistle Vest and Trousers perfectly contrast our very own Beverley Hills Banana Leaf Scarf made from high quality silk. Paired with this outfit is a Copa Cabana Straw Hat and Wimian Lace Up Boots that give this outfit its Safari-ready feel.

Outfit 2:

Another Safari-inspired look, this outfit incorporates darker tones with a pop of color. We’ve put together a black acid-washed Short Sleeve Belted Dress with our Elephant Evolution Ambers Scarf to create a sultry yet elegant look. We’ve also incorporated an olive-green Elephant Bag and some Hagen Ankle Boots to incorporate lighter colors and interesting textures.


There we have the perfect Summer wardrobe! 

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