The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Fall in the New York City is one of the best times of the year! We say goodbye to the hot and humid weather, and hello to more neutral hues and pumpkin spice. The beginning of a season is also the best time to reflect and adjust to better yourself in small ways. It’s time to start embracing the cold and the changes to come for the next few months. Whether it be a busier work schedule or a new hobby, always make time for yourself.

We know that A.M. Club members don’t like to miss out, so here is a list of things to do this Fall season:

Make something new.

With colder weather, warm treats are a must. Fall is the perfect time to bake pies or cookies with spices in trend for the season. Baking and cooking are super relaxing activities, and they are even more fun when you’re creating something with people you love. Below are some videos by the incredible model, Karlie Kloss. She is no stranger to the magical powers of baking. Each recipe is perfect for the fall time, and is even tweaked to be a bit healthy! - Pumpkin Loaf - Butternut Squash Soup - Apple Crisp

Apple Pie



One of my favorite things when the season changes is to give my place a makeover. This includes the closet, it’s time to switch in your favorite sweaters and scarves. Bring out those booties too! Then make sure to fill your living room with the coziest blankets. And of course, don’t forget your candles and A.M. Club wall art!




This festival will make you feel like you’re right in Munich! This is a perfect opportunity to submerge yourself in German culture as there will be a ton of traditional German foods, drinks, and attire. You will surely have as much fun as there is beer.

It’s free but make sure to reserve your tickets. Dates are listed below.

September 22nd-24th, September 29th – October 2nd

 Photo via Beerinit

Try to get your day started earlier.

When the weather is a bit chillier, it’s so tempting to stay in bed for as long as possible, but let’s be real: the days are getting shorter. This is a huge struggle for me and so many others, but it’s so important to try to take advantage of the sun while it’s shining. Waking up or getting out of bed earlier will help you to do so much more. Spend this time to do some morning yoga, make breakfast AND get your coffee fix, or to catch up on your favorite TGIT show.

Learn to love the A.M.


Go to a Park

Fall leaves are my favorite. Although, NYC is the ‘concrete jungle,’ there are plenty of spots to relax and enjoy these familiar colors. Obviously Central Park is a top spot in many people’s minds, but I personally love the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Run or walk through. You’ll truly feel thankful to live in the northeast.


Photo via New York Life Magazine

Find a New Show to Binge

Grab your glass of wine and unwind with that show you’ve heard so much about but never got the chance to watch. With so many shows returning this fall, it’s time to finally catch up. I can’t wait for Jane the Virgin. Set in one of A.M. Club’s favorite cities, Miami, the show is a satire of telenovelas filled with equal parts of comedy and drama. Season 4 premieres Friday, October 13 8/7c on the CW!


Find a Cause

It’s so important to be passionate about a cause. Do some research. Find an organization that is working towards something you care about. Spread the word. You can share articles or videos on social media, or even join a protest. There are so many causes that need help such as animal rights or world hunger. September is pediatric cancer awareness month. Whether it be volunteering at a local event or participating at a walk/run for charity, there is no feeling like the one you get when you are helping others. It is so powerful to give when you can.

A.M. Club knows this, that’s why we support nonprofits like The Elephant Nature Park and The Council for Fashion & Social Change. Go on, make a difference this Fall.

- Written by our amazing intern Kim Yap

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