The Ultimate Insta-Worthy Girls’ Night

The Ultimate Insta-Worthy Girls’ Night

By Ani Clifford
Have you ever wondered how to have the perfect girls' night?
Here are 5 easy steps to turn your ordinary girl's night into an aesthetic setting for your next Instagram post!

Step 1: Lighting

You always want to make sure your girl pals feel the energy of the fun night as soon as they walk through your door. So naturally, you need to create the perfect lighting. In order to create cozy lighting, you will need scents. The best scented candles are found at Bath & Body Works, with their pumpkin spice scented candles that are perfect for a cozy night in during the fall with your best girlfriends. Get a few candles with scents that compliment eah other and set them up around your house or apartment. This will create a warm, homey environment for your friends, as well as make the room smell so good you'll all get hungry - which leads to the next step.

Step 2: Snacks

One of the most important parts of having a successful girl's night is the refreshments. First of all, a cheese plate is a must. Having all your favorite cheeses laid out on a board is one of the fastest ways to make your girls' night more aesthetically pleasing. In order to create the perfect cheese plate you will need 10 ingredients: smooth cheese, sweet fruits, cheese with a bite, French bread, crackers, buttery cheese, died fruit, hard cheese, jam and a nutty trail mix. The arrangement of these 10 ingredients is crucial to making your snacks Insta-worthy. First, put the smooth cheese in the top left-hand corner of the board and the cheese with a bite in the top right-hand corner. Second, arrange the crackers around your buttery cheese, which presumably will be in a circle shape, in the bottom left-hand corner. Third, place your hard cheese and nutty trail mix in the bottom right-hand corner. Fourth, place the dried fruit between the buttery cheese and the hard cheese at the bottom of the board. Finally, put the jam in the center of the plate and spread the sliced French bread in between the cheese with a bite and the nutty trail mix. This set-up will create the ultimate aesthetically pleasing cheese plate.

Step 3: Alcoholic Beverages

A girls' night is not complete without a sugary alcoholic beverage that you'll all regret the next day. Rosé wine is at the top of the list for aesthetically pleasing beverages, because who doesn't like pink, and it goes with everything! Margaritas and mimosas are two other great and delicious choices. Wine will compliment the cheese plate perfectly and will make the perfect Insta-worthy photo capturing your fun night.

Step 4: Activities

Next, you'll need to come up with some activities for your night, particularly ones that will result in some fun, cute pictures. Face masks are a go-to in this case, because not only are you going to cleanse your beautiful skin and make it radiant, but they always make for goofy pictures with your girlfriends! Mani-pedis are also a must, because who wouldn't want to take photos of your freshly painted fingers and toes?

Step 5: Decorations

The final step in turning your girls' night into the ultimate Insta-worthy event is decorations. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing environment you need to decorate the area. First, you want to make a welcome board that your friends will see as soon as the walk through the door and will want to take pictures with, because who doesn't like a good photo-op! In order to make this welcome board, you'll need a chalkboard, and a cute welcome note to write on it, such as, "Welcome to girls' night. True Friends. Let the champagne gossip flow." You already completed the decorative lighting with the candles in step one, so all that is left is creating a cute bar for your sweet drinks. A mimosa bar with a few different flavor choices will always be a hit!
And you're finished! Your night will now be perfect to post on your Instagram!
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