Top 10 Chic Coffee Table Books. Number Four Is Our Favorite!

Top 10 Chic Coffee Table Books. Number Four Is Our Favorite!

When most people think of interior design, things like furniture, wall art, and lighting come to mind, but that’s just part of what makes an amazing space. One of the most timeless contributions you could make to your home is having a chic coffee table book, or a few, on display.
Don’t know which one to get? We got you. Here are the Top 10 Chic Coffee Table Books you need on your table now.
Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography - Taschen Books

Explore the extensive works of world-renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh who has shot some of pop cultures most famous figures.

Chic Coffee Table Books
Venetian Chic- Taschen Books
Bring the luxury and elegance of Venice into your home with this beautiful book
Chic Coffee Table Books
Ibiza Bohemia- Assouline Books
This book brings the vibrant, bohemian-chic energy of Ibiza into your home, and will definitely stand out.
Chic Coffee Table Books
The Big Book of Chic-Assouline Books
The Big Book of Chic shares selections of superstar interior designer Miles Redd’s lavish decors. It’s not just a book; it’s also constant design inspiration!
Chic Coffee Table Books
 Nomad Deluxe- Assouline Books
A breathtaking book that will take you on a trip around the world, and satisfy your wanderlust while you’re at home.
Chic Coffee Table Books
In the Spirit of Beverly Hills- Assouline Books
Beverly Hills is the essence of glamour and luxury, and this book is certain to bring some Beverly Hills vibes into your home.
Chic Coffee Table BooksOscar De La Renta- Assouline Books
A truly striking book; Oscar De La Renta will captivate you and bring his timeless style and elegance to your home.

Chic Coffee Table Books
Eames- Taschen Books
Ray and Charles Eames contributed greatly to the world of interior design and making chic design accessible to everyone. Definitely a must have!

Chic Coffee Table Books
365 Day-by-Day. New York- Taschen Books
Feel what it’s like to be a part of one of the most stylish, energetic cities in the world by having this book on display.
Chic Coffee Table Books
The Shoe Book- Assouline Books
Don’t let your shoe obsession end at your closet! Share your love of shoes with this fabulous book. It’s full of history and style.
Chic Coffee Table Books

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