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Miami Montage

Miami Montage

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Silk Twill Scarf, hand-rolled, (100% silk)

Made in London

Designed by Billy Chevannes 

Miami is where I was first inspired to start A.M. CLUB. I was alone listening to music, unpacking into my new condo and stumbled upon my silk scarf collection... I tied my hair up with a vintage silk scarf, my mind wandered a bit as per usual, and voila - I came up with the idea of starting a line where I could collaborate with artists to showcase their talents while also creating masterpieces for the world to enjoy.

While researching artists I found the incredibly talented Billy Chevannes from Amsterdam and knew he would be perfect to work with for this design. A few months later we are excited to bring you the Miami Montage design - a colorful and unique piece that captures the essence of vibrant Miami. 

A piece that is perfect to frame and display on your walls, wear as a top, tie around your head, wear as a bandana or even as a pocket square. 


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